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Mind-blowing new device for profound relaxation, accelerated learning and deep sleep. Simply slip on the liteframes and headphones then lie back for about 15 minutes as a dazzling sound and light show engulfs you and sweeps you away to another world.


Astonishing device for profound relaxation, accelerated learning and deep sleep. Simply slip on the liteframes and headphones and lie back for about 15 minutes. We've sold 15,000 of these 'light and sound' devices by mail order over the last 13 years we've been in business!

 Blast through books with PhotoReading  Effort-Free Life System
Blast through books at 25,000 words a minute Yes! You'll be getting through a 400-page book in just FIVE minutes - 'reading' 125 times faster than the average reading speed of 200 words per minute.
Breakthrough launch blasts through any limiting belief in 3 minutes flat! The new, powerful and highly effective Effort-Free Life System is here for the life you have always wanted to create for yourself
 Reduce anxiety and pain with the Alpha-Stim  Calm your mind with ThoughtStream 'biofeedback'!
Find out more about the incredible Alpha-Stim SCS and 100 ­ medical devices for reducing anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain ­ guaranteed!  
Strap the sensor to your wrist, and slip on the headphones. Now make the pitch of the tone you hear go down, and watch the colours change too on the console as you go deeper and deeper into a more relaxed place.  
 Spring Forest Qigong  Diamond Life Feng Shui

This ancient Chinese practice, recommended by many doctors, uses simple exercises to take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body at speeds that will amaze you... leaving you with more energy and vitality.

This powerful new CD course is designed to show you how to change the energy of your home or workplace for immediate, long-lasting results in the areas of success, health, relationships and personal growth.

 Ultimate You Library: Paraliminal CD Collection  Change the way you feel FAST with the MotivAider
You can personally own all 22 Paraliminals from Anxiety-Free to Youthful Vitality at a great savings when you order The Ultimate You Library. Each Paraliminal will arrive in a jewel case along with a colorful 20-page booklet filled with tips and insights. The entire collection fits nicely in a special display case for easy access on a bookshelf.
Turn your intentions into immediate action with this incredible little device. It looks like a pager and you set it to go off every, say, 15 minutes to remind you to think a positive thought, smile, sit up straight, take a deep breath - and so much more!

 You too can enter the realm of genius!  Increased mental abilities, improved learning ability
Tune into those secret messages that your brain automatically sends you to boost your IQ, solve anyproblem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition....

The Centerpointe programme is considered by many of our customers to be the most powerful personal development tool around! We've had some staggering feedback from our customers about the effectiveness of these CDs, so click on the headline or picture to find out more right now

 New Seeds of Enlightenment course!  The next generation of Paraliminals in a new course!

You will learn how to achieve and maintain continuous conscious awareness. Jeddah Mali helps you understand the natural laws that govern your existence. You will discover that enlightenment is.....


Instantly transform your energy patterns to manifest your deepest desires using the new sound frequency technology of... Sonic Access

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