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Quit smoking

In the Nature magazine, September 2003, a special addition came out with the headline of "Flickering chequerboard curbs smokers' cravings", a copy is available (link below) as a pdf for you to read. It is a very 2 page report and does not go into great detail - however, we feel that you may wish to take up this opportunity to have a read of the article and also the information on our MindLab Proteus! The MindLab Proteus is one of our most popular devices at LifeTools, and the flickering lights could well produce the same effects on you, as they had on the subjects in the trials! We make no claims here but we want to give you the chance to investiage this for yourself

Nature report - Flickering chequerboard curbs smoker's cravings!

MindLab Proteus - The light and sound machine that flickers and could be your way of quitting smoking!

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