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Yes, you can earn upto 15% commission just by putting a link from your website to any LifeTools product; and if that product is ordered, then you earn money!

E.g. If you have the PhotoReading Deluxe link on your site and someone clicks on more information/order and goes to our site; then on the sale value of £299.00 you receive £44.85!! Yes, no work, no sales effort, no customer support, no stock to carry and no promotional costs. You can earn this by spending 5 minutes putting a link on your site (we can even do it for you if you don't know how - but you have to supply us with the correct ftp passwords to your site).

We pay commissions monthly (after any relevant money-back guarantee has passed), so you can just sit back and enjoy a monthly cheque on any sales generated as a result of your link!

If you want to find out more about becoming an affiliate, then complete the form below and we shall email to you further details (alternatively call 01782 360069 and ask for the COMMISSION Terms and Conditions leaflet).


If you do not have a web site facility and cannot, or do not, wish to become an affiliate, then you can become a dealer for LifeTools.

A dealer can attract a 25% discount on products (or higher under special agreement) and sell them to their own customer base at any mark-up they so wish.*


We will also pay you 15% commission if you give us a list of names and addresses (or e-mail addresses) and we will mail them telling them about your favourite LifeTools product any sales generate Money For You .

If you want to find out more about becoming a distributor, then complete the form below and we will email you further details (alternatively call 01782 360069 and ask for the COMMISSION Terms and Conditions leaflet)

BONUS: We have 2 courses where you can earn 50% commission. If you have an email list we can use our broadcast software with response monitoring links. £250 a sale, it wouldn't take too many sales to earn a nice piece of commission. 4 sales for £1,000 is a nice little extra for no work! We set it all up.


Please DOUBLE CHECK your email address before pressing Subscribe; if you have not received a response within 2 mintues from us acknowledging your entry, then it is likely you have entered an incorrect email address.

* subject to terms and condition

From time to time product prices may change, we reserve this right fully, but commission will still be paid where applicable


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